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Definition of arrive:

  1. Arrival.
  2. To bring to shore.
  3. To come to the shore or bank. In present usage: To come in progress by water, or by traveling on land; to reach by water or by land; - followed by at ( formerly sometimes by to), also by in and from.
  4. To come; said of time; as, the time arrived.
  5. To happen or occur.
  6. To reach a point by progressive motion; to gain or compass an object by effort, practice, study, inquiry, reasoning, or experiment.
  7. To reach; to come to.


gain, move into, receive, alight, report, make, gravel, draw in, get down, father, stupefy, roll up, fix, visit, get to, leave, bewilder, hit, go deep, pass, do, survive, blow in, number, dumbfound, show up, convey, commence, beat, appear, come through, add up, draw, scram, mystify, get, drop in, induce, go, buzz off, come in, put in, halt, roll in, descend, vex, mother, experience, acquire, let, come, go into, find, bring, set about, arrest, make out, amaze, develop, perplex, get on, turn up, capture, drive, catch, occur, get along, nonplus, total, get in, baffle, pop in, produce, set out, bugger off, take, begin, issue forth, reach, start, get ahead, go far, sire, grow, start out, bring forth, make it, check in, get under one's skin, succeed, come to, pay off, rise, beget, cause, get back, amount, go in, get into, engender, flummox, aim, disembark, stimulate, pull round, fare, thrive, move in, pose, derive, fetch, obtain, become, hit town, suffer, generate, come up, hail, pull in, pay back, fall, follow, have, dismount, contract, incur, sustain, pull through, stick, puzzle.

Usage examples: