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Definition of artful:

  1. Artificial; imitative.
  2. Cunning; disposed to cunning indirectness of dealing; crafty; as, an artful boy. [ The usual sense.]
  3. Performed with, or characterized by, art or skill.
  4. Using or exhibiting much art, skill, or contrivance; dexterous; skillful.


disingenuous, innovative, dodgy, knowledge, foxy, delicate, tricksy, twisted, virtuoso, bravura, ability, honest, untruthful, ingenious, sly, beguiling, precious, Byzantine, designing, misrepresented, pawky, manipulative, means, imaginative, slick, crafty, knavish, tricky, cute, evasive, guileful, barnstorming, perverted, elusive, deep, fraudulent, workmanlike, scheming, wily, unprincipled, cunning, creative, tight, unscrupulous, cagey, skillfully, deceitful, dubious, practiced, clever, corrupt, nice, distorted, dishonest, adroit.

Usage examples: