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Definition of articulate:

  1. An animal of the subkingdom Articulata.
  2. Distinctly uttered; spoken so as to be intelligible; characterized by division into words and syllables; as, articulate speech, sounds, words.
  3. Expressed in articles or in separate items or particulars.
  4. Jointed; formed with joints; consisting of segments united by joints; as, articulate animals or plants.
  5. To draw up or write in separate articles; to particularize; to specify.
  6. To express distinctly; to give utterance to.
  7. To form, as the elementary sounds; to utter in distinct syllables or words; to enunciate; as, to articulate letters or language.
  8. To join or be connected by articulation.
  9. To joint; to unite by means of a joint; to put together with joints or at the joints.
  10. To treat or make terms.
  11. To utter articulate sounds; to utter the elementary sounds of a language; to enunciate; to speak distinctly.


suppose, formulate, androgynous, devise, enounce, give voice, declaim, order, say, well-spoken, articulation, silver, amphibious, circuitous, label, phonate, caged, facund, talk, chat, diction, declare, eloquent, phrase, sound off, facile, feel out, deliver, remark, check out, fluent, speaking, economical, express, articulated, conversational, discursive, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, sound out, silver-tongued, stutter, asexual, develop, stammer, jointed, tell, aquatic, captive, arboreal, crisp, speak out, comment, allege, word, chatter, discourse, understandable, declamatory, enunciate, best-of-breed, vocalise, pronounce, air, announce, state, vocalize, words, clean, sound, speech-endowed, pronounced, contrive, pronounce on, enjoin, vowelize, joint, pronunciation, anthropoid, smooth-spoken, invent, aver, diffuse, judge, forge, chatty, excogitate, explicate, read, converse, vowelise.

Usage examples: