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Definition of artifice:

  1. A handicraft; a trade; art of making.
  2. Artful or skillful contrivance.
  3. Crafty device; an artful, ingenious, or elaborate trick. [ Now the usual meaning.]
  4. Workmanship; a skillfully contrived work.


wile, cunningness, blind, finesse, imposture, adroitness, duplicity, scheme, sneakiness, means, caginess, cunning, masterfulness, foxiness, artfulness, deftness, sleight, smoke and mirrors, guilefulness, misconduct, corruption, art, cheat, artistry, gambit, play, take-in, honest, fraud, cleverness, gamesmanship, cheating, crookery, subtleness, knack, fakery, cozenage, gimmick, skulduggery, deceitfulness, dupery, hanky-panky, legerdemain, chicane, wiliness, foul play, double-dealing, deceit, shenanigan, canniness, dissimulation, skillfulness, crookedness, dissembling, guile, jig, jugglery, deviousness, slickness, chicanery, adeptness, invention, flimflam, dishonesty, craftiness, slyness, subtlety, fetch, deceptiveness, jiggery-pokery, craft, juggle.

Usage examples: