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Definition of aside:

  1. On, or to, one side; out of a straight line, course, or direction; at a little distance from the rest; out of the way; apart.
  2. Out of one's thoughts; off; away; as, to put aside gloomy thoughts.
  3. So as to be heard by others; privately.
  4. Something spoken aside; as, a remark made by a stageplayer which the other players are not supposed to hear.


bon mot, aloof, out, comment, irrelevancy, deflection, past, act, back talk, by itself, denouement, not to worry, in isolation, by oneself, contrivance, no matter how/where/what etc., laterally, deflexion, action, barb, by the side of, abeam, sideways, at a short distance, tangent, at rest, sidewise, beside, afterthought, away from some position, backstory, divergency, I'm not bothered, anyway, afar, alongside, anyhow, deflexion, asunder, parenthesis, by, whatever, comic relief, ad-lib, divagation, away, on one side, acknowledgment, speak of, bromide, approach, diversion, in safekeeping, allusion, out of the way, apart, abreast, at one side, in reserve, off, divergence, who cares?, alone, deviation, excursion, content, but hey..., the credits, down, to one side, forth, so what?/what of it ?, digression, backchat, excursus.

Usage examples: