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Definition of asleep:

  1. In a state of sleep; in sleep; dormant.
  2. In the sleep of the grave; dead.
  3. Numbed, and, usually, tingling.


sleepyheaded, in a sound sleep, dormant, torpid, awareness, in a state of sleep, gone, slumbrous, unconscious, conked out, sleepy, comatose, nodding, fast asleep, insensible, asnore, unfeeling, reposing, drowsing, anesthetized, slumbering, sleepy-eyed, in the Land of Nod, snoozing, insensitive, drowsy, hibernating, hypnoid, live, napping, snoring, somnolent, dozy, dead, in repose, deceased, at rest, defunct, dreaming, departed, dead asleep, abed, in a torpor, sound asleep, inert, slumbery, unawake, benumbed, taking a siesta, late, dead to the world, assuming the horizontal, lifeless, sleeping, dozing, in the arms of Morpheus, at peace, sacked out, quiet, heavy with sleep, out like a light, extinct, numb, unawakened, resting, slumberous.

Usage examples: