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Definition of assail:

  1. To attack morally, or with a view to produce changes in the feelings, character, conduct, existing usages, institutions; to attack by words, hostile influence, etc.; as, to assail one with appeals, arguments, abuse, ridicule, and the like.
  2. To attack with violence, or in a vehement and hostile manner; to assault; to molest; as, to assail a man with blows; to assail a city with artillery.
  3. To encounter or meet purposely with the view of mastering, as an obstacle, difficulty, or the like.


dishonour, attack, encounter, beleaguer, snipe, belabor, aggress, set upon, polish up, baste, fall on, buffet, dishonor, round out, labialize, abuse, pummel, revile, assault, go at, vituperate, rail against, outrage, lambaste, round off, clobber, smash, lash out, beat, round, polish, besiege, flesh out, thrash, thresh, sail into, praise, pitch into, fall upon, brush up, labialise, fill out, beset, light into, have at, set on, sharpshoot, ravish, round down, drub.

Usage examples: