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Definition of assessment:

  1. A valuation of property or profits of business, for the purpose of taxation; such valuation and an adjudging of the proper sum to be levied on the property; as, an assessment of property or an assessment on property.
  2. An apportionment of a subscription for stock into successive installments; also, one of these installments ( in England termed a call).
  3. The act of assessing; the act of determining an amount to be paid; as, an assessment of damages, or of taxes; an assessment of the members of a club.
  4. The specific sum levied or assessed.


sagacity, money, judgment, discernment, perspicacity, duty, legal opinion, appraisal, sagaciousness, appraisement, politics, sound judgment, tax, pay, judging, impost, sound judgement, levy, estimate, levy, fee, tariff, tax, judgement, mind, judicial decision, opinion, charge.

Usage examples: