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Definition of assistant:

  1. An attendant; one who is present.
  2. Helping; lending aid or support; auxiliary.
  3. Of the second grade in the staff of the army; as, an assistant surgeon.
  4. One who, or that which, assists; a helper; an auxiliary; a means of help.


patron, admirer, coadjutant, athletic supporter, jock, confederate, service, sidekick, abetter _or_ abettor, mate, protagonist, low-level, secretary, collaborator, participator, bodyguard, retainer, clerk, friend, second in command, fellow-worker, garter, companion, suspensor, apprentice, adjutant, coadjutor, helper, standby, supporter, assist, gal Friday, sponsor, yes-man, adjunct, gofer, subordinate, assistance, co-worker, adjuvant, man Friday, appurtenant, champion, right-hand man, subaltern, adherent, booster, lackey, jockstrap, help, adjutant, avail, right hand.

Usage examples: