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Definition of assort:

  1. To agree; to be in accordance; to be adapted; to suit; to fall into a class or place.
  2. To furnish with, or make up of, various sorts or a variety of goods; as, to assort a cargo.
  3. To separate and distribute into classes, as things of a like kind, nature, or quality, or which are suited to a like purpose; to classify; as, to assort goods. [ Rarely applied to persons.]


distinguish, crystallize, accord, branch, concord, break up, separate, affiliate, severalize, discipline, crystallise, carve up, tell, break, class, secern, consort, screen out, fork, classify, single out, elucidate, enlighten, ramify, divide, harmonise, associate, tell apart, fit in, crystalize, come apart, screen, clear, part, split, relegate, colligate, fall apart, link up, harmonize, sort, crystalise, secernate, agree, sieve, connect, shed light on, split up, differentiate, dissever, relate, illuminate, straighten out, link, sort out, consociate, run, correct, collect, tie in, severalise, discriminate, disunite, clear up, furcate.

Usage examples: