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Definition of astringent:

  1. A medicine or other substance that produces contraction in the soft organic textures, and checks discharges of blood, mucus, etc.
  2. Drawing together the tissues; binding; contracting; - opposed to laxative; as, astringent medicines; a butter and astringent taste; astringent fruit.
  3. Stern; austere; as, an astringent type of virtue.


acerbic, mordacious, styptic, acid, vitriolic, attack, sulfurous, sharp, acerb, acidic, pungent, hemostatic, scathing, mordant, bitter, biting, astringent drug, corrosive, acrid, trenchant, stinging, respect, truculent, sour, sulphurous, blistering, virulent, slashing.

Usage examples: