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Definition of atrocious:

  1. Characterized by, or expressing, great atrocity.
  2. Extremely heinous; full of enormous wickedness; as, atrocious quilt or deeds.
  3. Very grievous or violent; terrible; as, atrocious distempers.


indescribable, severe, evil, despicable, odious, fearsome, barbarous, heartbreaking, horrendous, worthless, horrid, uncouth, dreadful, unspeakable, grotesque, heartrending, horrifying, painful, ineffable, awed, like, brutal, nasty, surly, awful, savage, execrable, cruel, alarming, awing, serious, unutterable, disgusting, dreaded, merciless, enormous, shocking, pain, untellable, unnameable, unwholesome, heinous, dangerous, sickening, sore, inhuman, frightful, monstrous, grievous, outrageous, bad, study atoutrageous, afflictive, wretched, awesome, detestable, appalling, right, rude, horrible, vile, tremendous, outrageous, amazing, indefinable, weighty, terrible, wicked, horrific, unworthy, uncivilized, barbarian, abominable, dire, life-threatening, slimy, nauseating, flagitious, untamed, frightening, awe-inspiring, scandalous, grave, fearful, ugly, direful, dread, heavy, barbaric, irritating.

Usage examples: