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Definition of audacious:

  1. Committed with, or proceedings from, daring effrontery or contempt of law, morality, or decorum.
  2. Contemning the restraints of law, religion, or decorum; bold in wickedness; presumptuous; impudent; insolent.
  3. Daring; spirited; adventurous.


bodacious, dauntless, unabashed, gimcrack, assumptive, enterprising, tacky, trashy, stalwart, brassy, gay, valorous, flashy, malapert, cheap, gallant, wise, brazen-faced, bold-faced, hardy, adventurous, insolent, uppish, bold, contumelious, gutsy, nervy, tawdry, pert, bald-faced, intrepid, fortitudinous, snippety, sturdy, gutty, unfearing, stouthearted, sassy, pushy, venturous, forward, garish, undaunted, stout, unashamed, daring, brasslike, courtesy, flash, smart-alecky, mettlesome, assumptive, game, smart, snotty-nosed, impudent, loud, braw, doughty, fearless, brazen, overconfident, fear, gaudy, fresh, venturesome, boldfaced, avant-garde, snippy, attitude, uppity, bald, flip, adventuresome, meretricious, assuming, tatty, safety, familiar, presuming, study at, barefaced, brave.

Usage examples: