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Definition of audaciousness:

  1. The quality of being audacious; impudence; audacity.


brashness, nerviness, daredevilry, brazenness, sassiness, adventuresomeness, uppityness, daringness, courtesy, crust, rudeness, brass, audacity, presumptuousness, forwardness, safety, impudence, boldness, adventurousness, disrespect, daring, incivility, temerity, gall, overconfidence, familiarity, attitude, pushiness, daredeviltry, impertinence, nerve, cheekiness, hutzpa, cheek, effrontery, pertness, venturesomeness, face, impudency, uppishness, venturousness, sauciness, assumption, chutzpah, insolence, discourtesy, sauce.

Usage examples: