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Definition of augment:

  1. A vowel prefixed, or a lengthening of the initial vowel, to mark past time, as in Greek and Sanskrit verbs.
  2. Enlargement by addition; increase.
  3. To add an augment to.
  4. To enlarge or increase in size, amount, or degree; to swell; to make bigger; as, to augment an army by reeforcements; rain augments a stream; impatience augments an evil.
  5. To increase; to grow larger, stronger, or more intense; as, a stream augments by rain.


subjoin, adjoin, aggrandize, rise, proliferate, mount, attach, escalate, run up, append, affix, sum up, soar, make up, upsurge, build, snowball, wax, cast up, join on, beef up, build up.

Usage examples: