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Definition of authorization:

  1. The act of giving authority or legal power; establishment by authority; sanction or warrant.


dictum, free hand, office, assurance, exemption, self-assurance, potency, strength, latitude, ascendance, indorsement, concurrence, card, ascendence, imprimatur, accreditation, potence, pronouncement, approbation, liberty, laterality, authorisation, agency, countenance, signature, granting, federal agency, pass, sufferance, confidence, licence, clearance, permit, effectiveness, support, dominance, say-so, ascendancy, ascendency, bureau, building permit, self-confidence, sureness, potential, mandate, ascendance, sanction, dispensation, working papers, run, government agency, endorsement, potentiality, mandatory, OK, allowance, empowerment, delegation, authority, leave, green light, allow, control.

Usage examples: