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Definition of autocracy:

  1. Independent or self- derived power; absolute or controlling authority; supremacy.
  2. Political independence or absolute sovereignty ( of a state); autonomy.
  3. Supreme, uncontrolled, unlimited authority, or right of governing in a single person, as of an autocrat.
  4. The action of the vital principle, or of the instinctive powers, toward the preservation of the individual; also, the vital principle.


coalition, monocracy, big government, totalism, totalitarianism, autarky, czarism, federation, nation, despotism, democracy, over, government, dictatorship, tyranny, anarchy, fascism, one-man rule, authoritarianism, oligarchy, Caesarism, centralism, autarchy, totalitarian government, monarchy, protectorate, banana republic, absolutism, republic, politics, caretaker government, country, autonomy.

Usage examples: