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Definition of automatic:

  1. Alt. of Automatical


autoloading, rapid-fire, double-barreled, instinctual, built, concern, blunderbuss, mechanic, electric, mechanical, convertible, derringer, self-acting, self-moving, voluntary, accordingly, air rifle, self-loading, air gun, coincidental, free, 0.45, robotlike, motorized, programmed, automated, automatically, electronic, self-operating, loaded, dragster, impromptu, from, automatonlike, planned, automatic rifle, by virtue of something, demo, thus, machinelike, cruiser, knee-jerk, accidental, semiautomatic, self-locking, carbine, cannon, unintended, coupe, spontaneous, random, therefore, computerized, bazooka, as a consequence/in consequence, impulsive, automatic pistol, clean, perfunctory, reflex, analog, machine rifle, unbidden, instinctive, estate, cordless, consequently, manual, involuntary, unpremeditated, willing, self-regulating, clockwork, arbitrary, reflexive, ensuing, clever, hence, machine-controlled, compact, self-winding, BB gun, machine-driven, auxiliary, broken, self-activating, by accident, cabriolet, classic car, knock-on, robotic.

Usage examples: