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Definition of auxiliary:

  1. A helper; an assistant; a confederate in some action or enterprise.
  2. A quantity introduced for the purpose of simplifying or facilitating some operation, as in equations or trigonometrical formulae.
  3. A verb which helps to form the voices, modes, and tenses of other verbs; -- called, also, an auxiliary verb; as, have, be, may, can, do, must, shall, and will, in English; etre and avoir, in French; avere and essere, in Italian; estar and haber, in Spanish.
  4. Conferring aid or help; helping; aiding; assisting; subsidiary; as auxiliary troops.
  5. Foreign troops in the service of a nation at war; ( rarely in sing.), a member of the allied or subsidiary force.


appurtenant, increase, collateral, subsidiary, accessary, contributory, supplementary, secondary, adjuvant, adjunct, coadjutor, standby, emergency, spare, supplement, aide, supplemental, ancillary, reserve, reserve, coadjutant, accessory, adjutant, supportive.

Usage examples: