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Definition of avail:

  1. Proceeds; as, the avails of a sale by auction.
  2. Profit; advantage toward success; benefit; value; as, labor, without economy, is of little avail.
  3. See Avale, v.
  4. To be of use or advantage; to answer the purpose; to have strength, force, or efficacy sufficient to accomplish the object; as, the plea in bar must avail, that is, be sufficient to defeat the suit; this scheme will not avail; medicines will not avail to check the disease.
  5. To promote; to assist.
  6. To turn to the advantage of; to be of service to; to profit; to benefit; to help; as, artifices will not avail the sinner in the day of judgment.


mileage, divine service, helper, military service, improvement, use, utility, assistant, boon, account, inspection and repair, boot, used, table service, religious service, emolument, serviceableness, blessing, stand someone in good stead, advantage, facilitate, return, overhaul, supporter, servicing, proceeds, receipts, expediency, service of process, good, gain, returns, value, usefulness, serviceability, armed service, profit, serving, help oneself.

Usage examples: