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Definition of awful:

  1. Frightful; exceedingly bad; great; - applied intensively; as, an awful bonnet; an awful boaster.
  2. Inspiring awe; filling with profound reverence, or with fear and admiration; fitted to inspire reverential fear; profoundly impressive.
  3. Oppressing with fear or horror; appalling; terrible; as, an awful scene.
  4. Struck or filled with awe; terror- stricken.
  5. Worshipful; reverential; law- abiding.


enormous, frightfully, dreadful, incompetent, atrociously, gross, awed, unappealing, revolting, unattractive, stupendous, nauseating, disagreeable, majestic, ineffable, punk, e'en, fabulous, portentous, loathsome, surprising, marvelous, imposing, awestricken, indescribable, nightmarish, sublime, nauseous, terribly, serious, filthy, obnoxious, abominable, smutty, impressive, terrible, rotten, hard, solemn, lofty, untellable, bloody, bad, dismal, inept, in-depth, pure, rancid, wretched, inexpert, tremendous, horrific, obscene, abhorrent, objectionable, unspeakable, lurid, tight, severe, fantastic, pitiless, helpless, poor, awe-inspiring, mean, inhuman, abysmally, grievous, grave, detestable, exalted, amazing, execrable, macabre, dreaded, awfully, painful, entirely, direful, sound, afflictive, gruesome, rattling, grand, wonderful, atrocious, horrifying, disgusting, noisome, even, odious, noxious, actively, sore, thorough, ugly, fearsome, sucky, total, no good, horrendous, large, wicked, fulsome, horribly, abominably, howling, sickening, profound, someone couldn't do something if they tried, great, nightmare, bleak, resounding, rottenly, good, unutterable, amateur, flagitious, foul, alarming, distasteful, utter, repugnant, dreadfully, grotty, desperate, incapable, wondrous, frightening, actual, indefinable, dirty, uncharitable, dread, evil, cruddy, reverent, astonishing, colossal, lousy, awing, stately, grisly, rigorous, unpleasant, acute, dire, stunning, marvellous, unnameable, staggering, harsh, nasty, noble, fearful, hateful, extreme, irritating, offensive, awesome, scandalous, unadulterated, shocking, unkind, miraculous, eye-opening, august, prodigious, repellent, e'er, terrific, outright, astounding, awestruck, cruel, monstrous, any.

Usage examples: