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Definition of backward:

  1. Already past or gone; bygone.
  2. Alt. of Backwards
  3. Directed to the back or rear; as, backward glances.
  4. Late or behindhand; as, a backward season.
  5. Not advanced in civilization; undeveloped; as, the country or region is in a backward state.
  6. Not well advanced in learning; not quick of apprehension; dull; inapt; as, a backward child.
  7. The state behind or past.
  8. To keep back; to hinder.
  9. Unwilling; averse; reluctant; hesitating; loath.


around, upside down, cabbage, regardant, one day, up, half-witted, deprived, before, primitive, disinclined, retrograde, bashful, slow-witted, against, cripple, politics, past, knowledge, face downward, modest, inverted, backwards, reactionary, unprogressive, retiring, reversive, for the worse, cacuminal, inferior, sweptback, averse, slowly, reluctant, back, ago, onward, reflex, simple, try, shy, previously, reflexive, reverse, simple-minded, behindhand, underdeveloped, behind, introverted, down, loath, shy, progressive, aback, about, retracted, backswept, the right/wrong/other way (around/up), blate, precede, once, stagnant, retrogressive, upturned, face down, unenlightened, away, topsy-turvy, retroflexed, pale, withdrawn, latent, dwarf, converse, rich, extraordinary, imbecile, soft, hunchback, stagnation, already, feeble-minded, coy, diffident, conservative, dormant, forward, indisposed, demure, inside out, undeveloped, lagging, retarded, unwilling, reserved, madwoman, worst of all, underprivileged, worse, impoverished, disadvantaged, transposed, humpback, receding, be fair, ignorant, at one time, stunted, returning, dull, sheepish, conciliate, benighted, ability, latency, humble, reversed, weak-minded, outside, late, back to front, madman, worst, lunatic, slow, self-referent, degenerate, inverse, delayed, arrested, feebleminded, retroflex, timid, opposed, rearward, depressed, restraint, retral, self-effacing, rearwards, negative.

Usage examples: