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Definition of bad:

  1. Bade.
  2. of Bid
  3. Wanting good qualities, whether physical or moral; injurious, hurtful, inconvenient, offensive, painful, unfavorable, or defective, either physically or morally; evil; vicious; wicked; -- the opposite of good; as, a bad man; bad conduct; bad habits; bad soil; bad health; bad crop; bad news.


liberal, slanderous, right, down in the mouth, in critical condition, unhealthful, sour, unjust, indisposed, unequal, heartbroken, doleful, corked, awesome, in serious trouble, bounteous, wack, nonfunctional, nugatory, baffling, someone couldn't do something if they tried, fully grown, bland, crowing, openhanded, sleazy, lamentable, addled, punk, boastful, dire, unfavorable, blue, unskilled, badness, peccant, errant, bragging, cheesy, harsh, crap, unsuited, awful, problematical, drab, inappropriate, run-down, disruptive, thrive, virulent, unwelcome, fraught, downcast, abominable, prejudicial, unkind, bountiful, miserable, cock-a-hoop, misbehaving, despondent, gimcrack, freehanded, null and void, substandard, unpleasing, pestilential, questioning, drear, no-good, stale, poor, intense, rotten, disagreeable, degrading, notional, damaging, blighted, with child, ill, mean, brokenhearted, pain, unseemly, prominent, bargain-basement, good, big, invalid, bum, unhealthy, unappealing, imperfect, low-rent, bitchy, good-for-nothing, good-for-naught, taste, incompetent, hurtful, in trouble at trouble, unhappy, imitative, tough, bastard, hopeless, melancholic, sorry, grownup, baleful, preteen, elusive, fashionable, sharp, diseased, bush-league, deadly, tasteless, speculative, giving, void, dreadful, better, discreditable, dissatisfactory, chapped, unlawful, bitter, mischievous, low, dingy, control, decomposed, reprobate, unsympathetic, incapable, excellent, gravid, great, agonising, chronic, effective, peaked, nasty, unethical, bush, insecure, unsound, invidious, high-risk, magnanimous, self-aggrandising, unpalatable, trashy, cheapjack, large, low-grade, harmful, gloomy, inconvenient, saddened, angry, nonstandard, droopy, unwell, schlock, negative, severeness, pitiless, decayed, disconsolate, gravely, hateful, nonbinding, contrary, small, painful, regretful, unpropitious, fearful, adverse, inedible, vicious, adult, heartsore, word up, crippling, nocuous, injurious, heavy, putrid, cast down, uncollectible, stinking, unbecoming, crappy, glum, froward, problematic, rugged, spiteful, dreary, icky, nonvalid, grown, my bad, badly, disobedient, cut-rate, naughty, deficient, joyless, enceinte, corky, unsatisfactory, unsuitable, knotty, spoiled, poisonous, agonizing, unspeakable, immoral, mournful, insalubrious, mentally ill, wild, handsome, subpar, uncool, inexpert, sick, swelled, uncongenial, dejected, mischievousness, unsavory, yucky, downhearted, uncomfortable, pubescent, defective, rubber, forlorn, braggart, spoilt, ruinous, seriously, swingeing, pitiful, malfunctioning, down, melancholy, lame, sad, pestiferous, insipid, lousy, gross, unfortunate, ailing, depressed, crummy, vainglorious, expectant, shitty, biased, noxious, sickened, catty, inquisitive, woeful, compromising, forged, noisome, off, unlovely, malicious, inauspicious, prepubescent, unfair, untimely, corrupted, horrid, crestfallen, objectionable, meritless, adolescent, amiss, unstable, woebegone, deleterious, coarse, hazardous, unfit, ill-behaved, putrefied, deplorable, inferior, dying, unjustified, luck, low-spirited, embarrassing, troublesome, toughened, inhuman, shoddy, terrible, grim, full-grown, debilitating, inopportune, malignant, heartsick, execrable, amateur, heavyhearted, untoward, despiteful, sorrowful, unacceptable, distressing, be the bomb, sturdy, partial, contentious, ruffianly, wanting, bighearted, cruel, one-sided, disadvantageously, naughtily, rubbishy, risky, scurrilous, unreasonable, help, inept, malevolent, uncharitable, achy, wrongful, pretty, self-aggrandizing, no-account, suboptimal, hangdog, severely, stylish, no-count, unrighteous, burning, paltry, inconsolable, unattractive, mediocre, unwholesome, dark, pernicious, perverting, distasteful, junky, libellous, stinky, severe, bleak, helpless, inoperative, frightful, counterfeit, difficult, gross-out, severity, putrid, distressed, trumpery, naughtiness, common, atrocious, rancid, arbitrary, malign, second-rate, poorly, dismal, hard, contrite, mischievously, defamatory, el cheapo, wondering, peaky, braggy.

Usage examples: