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Definition of bailiwick:

  1. The precincts within which a bailiff has jurisdiction; the limits of a bailiff's authority.


field of force, field of view, matter, content, study, specialty, plain, survey, issue, battleground, game, depicted object, bag, champaign, front, airfield, orbit, report, subject area, line, guinea pig, theatre of operations, athletic field, fiefdom, discipline, flying field, field of operations, terrain, theater of operations, element, department, demesne, national, field of honor, field, topic, branch of knowledge, case, cogitation, correction, subject field, sphere, theatre, playing area, work, business, written report, field of study, world, sketch, firmament, field of operation, playing field, line of business, scene, barony, walk, field of battle, theme, landing field, force field, subject, fief.

Usage examples: