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Definition of balanced:

  1. of Balance


decent, well-founded, counterpoised, combined, clear-headed, poised, counterbalanced, equitable, stable, commonsensible, proportionate, fair, mature, fair, well-balanced, just, complementary, even, same, well-grounded, clearheaded, right, proportional, independent, reason, unbiased, miscellaneous, practical, top-heavy, pragmatic, beautiful, equivalent, harmonious, eurythmic, sage, cohesive, equal, judicious, jumbled, grounded, impartial, fair-minded, heterogeneous, natural, commonsensical, accepted, congruous, symmetric, wise, evenhanded, unbalanced, harmonic, sapient, fifty-fifty, levelheaded, legitimate, compos mentis, eclectic, sound, logical, symmetrical, prudent, consonant, sagacious.

Usage examples: