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Definition of barbarian:

  1. A cruel, savage, brutal man; one destitute of pity or humanity.
  2. A foreigner.
  3. A man in a rule, savage, or uncivilized state.
  4. A person destitute of culture.
  5. Of, or pertaining to, or resembling, barbarians; rude; uncivilized; barbarous; as, barbarian governments or nations.


niggard, rough, wild, merciless, churlish, raving mad, vulgar, primitive, courtesy, gaga, rude, dotty, wildcat, uncivil, angry, minor, fry, boor, crude, youngster, crazy, coarse, crosspatch, tempestuous, scrooge, uncivilized, savage, crank, risky, feral, waste, untamed, noncivilised, ferine, ferocious, provincial, fantastic, Philistine, smooth, chuff, rough, indelicate, raging, tyke, beast, small fry, tiddler, idle, child, violent, churl, crude, uncultivated, groundless, uncivilised, hazardous, coarse, nipper, ill-bred, nestling, fell, skinflint, vicious, peasant, good, kid, fierce, grump, crass, unwarranted, unrefined, inhuman, wolf, uncouth, Yahoo, vulgarian, unfounded, brutal, atrocious, barbarous, boorish, cruel, baseless, bucolic, barbaric, Goth, roughshod, shaver, noncivilized, culture, brute, uncultivated, tasteless, primitive, gross, uncultured, unpolished, grouch, tike, godforsaken, furious.

Usage examples: