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Definition of barbaric:

  1. Pert. to semicivilised or uncivilised nations.


idle, in poor taste, sadistic, atrocious, hard, furious, roughshod, hateful, heartless, savage, groundless, heathenish, hazardous, brute, tasteless, Neanderthal, gaga, raving mad, uncivilised, tempestuous, fantastic, crazy, noncivilised, godforsaken, waste, butcherly, uncivil, untamed, monstrous, baseless, unfounded, uncivilized, barbarous, culture, feral, ferine, fierce, uncouth, noncivilized, truculent, barbarian, raging, ferocious, wanton, uncultured, courtesy, fell, risky, heathen, evil, churlish, natural, smooth, primitive, vicious, inhuman, wild, unkind, uncultivated, violent, angry, dotty, unwarranted, unrestrained, awful, primitive, uncharitable.

Usage examples: