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Definition of barbed:

  1. Accoutered with defensive armor; - said of a horse. See Barded ( which is the proper form.)
  2. Furnished with a barb or barbs; as, a barbed arrow; barbed wire.


setose, bitter, smart-alecky, double-edged, snarky, acidulous, burry, nipping, corrosive, acerbic, piercing, serrated, razor-sharp, tart, burred, acerb, briery, mordant, setaceous, barbellate, biting, armed, two-edged, acrid, bristly, sardonic, waspish, mordacious, scalding, snappy, splenetic, pungent, briary, smart-mouthed, scathing, blistering, crisp, bristled, prickly, dull, satiric, acidic, thorny, left-handed, acid, spiny, accusing, astringent, caustic, nippy, accusatory, sarcastic, smart-aleck, ad hominem, frosty.

Usage examples: