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Definition of barefaced:

  1. With the face uncovered; not masked.
  2. Without concealment; undisguised. Hence: Shameless; audacious.


intrepid, unfearing, broad, brazen-faced, straightforward, manifest, gimcrack, perspicuous, brassy, rude, luminous, dauntless, fearless, distinct, bold, unambivalent, brazenfaced, plain, loud, overt, right, shameless, daring, palpable, bald-headed, clear-cut, brazen, unabashed, insolent, denuded, gaudy, bald, decided, courtesy, tacky, shameless, luculent, flash, bright-line, open, brave, bold-faced, venturous, unashamed, audacious, ringing, unambiguous, evident, blatant, respect, impudent, unmistakable, nonambiguous, bodacious, lucid, denudate, garish, unblushing, brasslike, transparent, flashy, snotty-nosed, bald-pated, tawdry, cheap, crystal clear, bald-faced, open-and-shut, flagrant, flip, uninhibited, meretricious, patent, unequivocal, trashy, pellucid, tatty, venturesome, hardy.

Usage examples: