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Definition of barely:

  1. But just; without any excess; with nothing to spare ( of quantity, time, etc.); hence, scarcely; hardly; as, there was barely enough for all; he barely escaped.
  2. Merely; only.
  3. Without concealment or disguise.
  4. Without covering; nakedly.


save, well-nigh, scantily, all but, hardly, except, precisely, unless, narrowly, mere, close, further, merely, moreover, few, before, first, nevertheless, tho, yet, scarce, scant, marginally, early, previous, slightly, practically, since, nearly, only, and, however, almost, advance, little, prior, near, that, minimum, notwithstanding, just now, but, still, just, scarcely, earlier, by the time, sparse, exactly, provided, slight, besides.

Usage examples: