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Definition of barmy:

  1. Containing yeast.


savory, maniacal, demented, silly, crazed, cranky, wacky, screwy, loopy, insane, loony tunes, mad, goofy, daffy, wrong, balmy, zestful, awry, certifiable, not in your right mind/not right in the head, savoury, amiss, yeastlike, bughouse, wild, loony, yeasty, nutlike, cuckoo, crazy, round the bend, chapped, nuts, kooky, wud, unsound, sappy, psychotic, mild, ludicrous, gaga, lunatic, nutty, spicy, buggy, bonkers, bats, zany, non compos mentis, over-the-top, piquant, daft, dotty, kookie, psycho, around the bend, crackpot, childish, bedlam, unbalanced, haywire, cockamamie, deranged, moonstruck, crackbrained, laughable, crackers, meshuga, cracked, scatty, brainsick, soft, whacky, ridiculous, mental, fruity, loco, unhinged, batty, alligatored, wacko, roughened, cockamamy, zesty.