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Definition of baroque:

  1. In bad taste; grotesque; odd.
  2. Irregular in form; - said esp. of a pearl.


lavish, complicated, plain, exorbitant, knotty, intricate, overmuch, art nouveau, byzantine, extravagant, overdue, confusing, art deco, undue, labyrinthine, tangled, overextravagant, towering, involute, aquatint, unmerciful, involved, intolerable, plethoric, stiff, incomprehensible, insane, confused, Arts and Crafts, difficult, daedal, baroqueness, overweening, camp, the avant-garde, churrigueresco, contorted, devilish, unconscionable, complicate, fancy, convoluted, inordinate, agitprop, brushwork, sophisticated, immoderate, churrigueresque, labyrinthian, complex, steep, extreme, abstract expressionism.

Usage examples: