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Definition of barrier:

  1. A carpentry obstruction, stockade, or other obstacle made in a passage in order to stop an enemy.
  2. A fence or railing to mark the limits of a place, or to keep back a crowd.
  3. A fortress or fortified town, on the frontier of a country, commanding an avenue of approach.
  4. An any obstruction; anything which hinders approach or attack.
  5. Any limit or boundary; a line of separation.


embankment, outwork, limit, preventive, difficulty, rampart, palisade, barbed wire, bamboo curtain, partition, fortification, earthwork, parapet, sound or sonic or transonic barrier, thing, hamper, iron curtain, picket, bar, let, breastwork, stumbling block, stopper, trench, roadblock, limitation, include, boundary, open, help, prohibition, check, pale, traverse, bulwark.

Usage examples: