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Definition of bat:

  1. A large stick; a club; specifically, a piece of wood with one end thicker or broader than the other, used in playing baseball, cricket, etc.
  2. A part of a brick with one whole end.
  3. A sheet of cotton used for filling quilts or comfortables; batting.
  4. A spree; a jollification.
  5. A stroke of work.
  6. A stroke; a sharp blow.
  7. In badminton, tennis, and similar games, a racket.
  8. Manner; rate; condition; state of health.
  9. One of the Cheiroptera, an order of flying mammals, in which the wings are formed by a membrane stretched between the elongated fingers, legs, and tail. The common bats are small and insectivorous. See Cheiroptera and Vampire.
  10. Rate of motion; speed.
  11. Same as Tical, n., 1.
  12. Shale or bituminous shale.
  13. To bate or flutter, as a hawk.
  14. To strike or hit with a bat or a pole; to cudgel; to beat.
  15. To use a bat, as in a game of baseball.
  16. To wink.


slam, palpitate, baste, convulse, flit, cream off, blind, nictate, stick, quiver, mosh, dart, turn, cream, repetition, club, wink, thrash, toss, twinkle, knock, solve, thrash about, drub, slash, work, nictitate, up, thresh about, lap up, flicker, squash racquet, figure out, cricket bat, rap, lick, fleet, thresh, clobber, work out, blinded, lap, pole, batter, hit, flitter, blow, inning, puzzle out, skim off, flutter, at-bat, round, chiropteran, ing, jactitate, squash racket, lam, un, blink, racket, skim, slam dance, flail, waver.

Usage examples: