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Definition of batter:

  1. A backward slope in the face of a wall or of a bank; receding slope.
  2. A bruise on the face of a plate or of type in the form.
  3. A semi- liquid mixture of several ingredients, as, flour, eggs, milk, etc., beaten together and used in cookery.
  4. One who wields a bat; a batsman.
  5. Paste of clay or loam.
  6. To beat with successive blows; to beat repeatedly and with violence, so as to bruise, shatter, or demolish; as, to batter a wall or rampart.
  7. To flatten ( metal) by hammering, so as to compress it inwardly and spread it outwardly.
  8. To slope gently backward.
  9. To wear or impair as if by beating or by hard usage.


defeat, clobber, do someone wrong, flog, knock, bastinado, club, bang, rough up, slugger, hitter, oppress, kick about, hide, vanquish, baking powder, recipe, grind down, cream, reject, mush, stun, scourge, mess, beat, the Golden Glove Awards, concoction, thump, surpass, glaze, whop, dinge, hit out, bicarb, the American League, pommel, chastise, pummel, mix, wallop, tack, lace, oil, cream of tartar, abuse, shell, lambaste, buffet, bicarbonate of soda, whale, smite, thrash, kick around, help, cannonade, lather, baste, dough, tromp, knock about, birch, tan, punch, shove around, bludgeon, beat up, smash, bung up, whip, pelt, player, cudgel, mangle, ball game, bash, buff, starter, bomb, belt, switch, bruise, worst, fib, egg white, the Cy Young Award, do, thresh, trample, overcome, catcher, paste, smack, All-Star game, spank, preparation, blitzkrieg, slog, paddle, whup, punch out, slate, mistreat, maul, curry, batsman, slogger, bat, drub, rough, belabor, designated hitter, striker, work over, blitz, castigate, lick, bush league, conquer, gelatin, mixture.

Usage examples: