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Definition of be:

  1. To exist actually, or in the world of fact; to have exstence.
  2. To exist in a certain manner or relation, - whether as a reality or as a product of thought.
  3. To signify; to represent or symbolize; to answer to.
  4. To take place; to happen; as, the meeting was on Thursday.


accompany, institute, follow, cost, pay off, keep abreast, interpret, compensate, espouse, equal, form, postdate, come after, travel along, match, populate, amount to, cook up, conciliate, catch up with, rest, glucinium, name, counterbalance, disappear, rival, present, watch, live on, signify, last, consist, equate, even up, lay out, inhabit, incarnate, hold, stage, watch over, atomic number 4, equalize, happen, move, live, succeed, incorporate, know, correspond, embody, surveil, patch up, transpire, map, mean, go on, prevail, continue, appoint, dwell, trace, even off, equalise, personate, comprise, endure, denote, keep an eye on, body forth, stand for, represent, exist, act, fabricate, settle, invent, conform to, come about, keep up, stick with, remain, survive, die, touch, play along, survey, do, plant, body, substantiate, imply, abide by, symbolize, even out, constitute, exemplify, hold out, defend, contain, personify, observe, pursue, nominate, hold up, comply, make up, breathe, beryllium, establish, stick to, obtain, symbolise, typify, reconcile, play, subsist, occur, fall out, make, correct, come, stand, consist of, go, stay, adopt, found, pay, abide, manufacture, take after, experience.

Usage examples:

  • Well, I'll be damnationed!

    - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.
  • But she will be.

    - "The Duke's Children", Anthony Trollope.
  • 1402, may be employed.

    - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.