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Definition of bean:

  1. A name given to the seed of certain leguminous herbs, chiefly of the genera Faba, Phaseolus, and Dolichos; also, to the herbs.
  2. Of or pertaining to Attica, in Greece, or to Athens, its principal city; marked by such qualities as were characteristic of the Athenians; classical; refined.
  3. The popular name of other vegetable seeds or fruits, more or less resembling true beans.


pod, grain, berry, nodule, noodle, bean plant, knot, dome, bonce, block, pulse, legume, loft, nugget, body, conk, seed, node, covered stadium, string bean, domed stadium, reveal, pill, talk, tell, bullet, tell secrets, edible bean, nut, noddle, attic, noggin, kernel, poll, garret.

Usage examples: