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Definition of bear:

  1. A bier.
  2. A block covered with coarse matting; - used to scour the deck.
  3. A compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged. The term is applied in a general sense to the Pandects of Justinian ( see Pandect), but is also specially given by authors to compilations of laws on particular topics; a summary of laws; as, Comyn's Digest; the United States Digest.
  4. A person who sells stocks or securities for future delivery in expectation of a fall in the market.
  5. A portable punching machine.
  6. Alt. of Bere
  7. An animal which has some resemblance to a bear in form or habits, but no real affinity; as, the woolly bear; ant bear; water bear; sea bear.
  8. Any species of the genus Ursus, and of the closely allied genera. Bears are plantigrade Carnivora, but they live largely on fruit and insects.
  9. Metaphorically: A brutal, coarse, or morose person.
  10. One of two constellations in the northern hemisphere, called respectively the Great and the Lesser Bear, or Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
  11. To admit or be capable of; that is, to suffer or sustain without violence, injury, or change.
  12. To afford; to be to; to supply with.
  13. To be situated, as to the point of compass, with respect to something else; as, the land bears N. by E.
  14. To behave; to conduct.
  15. To bring forth or produce; to yield; as, to bear apples; to bear children; to bear interest.
  16. To carry on, or maintain; to have.
  17. To conduct; to bring; - said of persons.
  18. To endeavor to depress the price of, or prices in; as, to bear a railroad stock; to bear the market.
  19. To endure with patience; to be patient.
  20. To endure; to tolerate; to undergo; to suffer.
  21. To gain or win.
  22. To have a certain meaning, intent, or effect.
  23. To manage, wield, or direct.
  24. To possess and use, as power; to exercise.
  25. To possess mentally; to carry or hold in the mind; to entertain; to harbor
  26. To possess or carry, as a mark of authority or distinction; to wear; as, to bear a sword, badge, or name.
  27. To press; - with on or upon, or against.
  28. To produce, as fruit; to be fruitful, in opposition to barrenness.
  29. To relate or refer; - with on or upon; as, how does this bear on the question?
  30. To render or give; to bring forward.
  31. To suffer, as in carrying a burden.
  32. To support and remove or carry; to convey.
  33. To support or sustain; to hold up.
  34. To sustain, or be answerable for, as blame, expense, responsibility, etc.
  35. To sustain; to have on ( written or inscribed, or as a mark), as, the tablet bears this inscription.
  36. To take effect; to have influence or force; as, to bring matters to bear.


keep going, live, reserve, feature, defy, arthropod, growler, die back, lift, project, abominate, grin and bear it, name, have got, place upright, arrive, lump, bide, broker-dealer, endorse, concede, whiner, underpin, weary, nurse, deport, conceptualise, buy up, go by, bullish, restrain, permit, require, exculpate, puppet, black bear, jump, wear, birth, set up, cede, watch, bear up, amount to, amniocentesis, act, acquire, jade, crank, bull, confirm, exclude, plump for, devote, await, number off, bristle with, catch, house, render, take up, jump out, beast of burden, prevail, consent, run, obtain, rotate, direct, fork over, turn in, abhor, stockpile, ante up, grump, carry, brave out, steady yourself, deplore, sham, concentrate, comport, substantiate, ache, give, have to do with, uphold, channel, rise, live with, bring forth, discharge, cut, leap out, fork out, indorse, conduct, offer, concord, rich, sustain, strike, bud, bull market, concern, pass, provide, accommodate, choke, surrender, bear out, hand puppet, stock, stomach, hold in, protrude, loathe, glove puppet, take in, corroborate, quit, rest, simulate, name after, propel, assume, condense, compensate, incorporate, baby blues, marionette, bighorn sheep, lose, tire, have on, be tough, possess, retain, adjudge, meet, receive, pay, halt, hand over, let, croaker, expatriate, tire out, mutterer, be determined, patronise, support, fend for, buy out, give in, refer, bid price, comprise, advance, live on, bar, wear down, be burdened with something, golly, curmudgeon, carry on, hump, obligate, nominate, grow in, resign yourself (to something), arachnid, knuckle under, jut, amphibian, come out, spread out, wear off, move over, withstand, the afterbirth, seize, owned, usurp, pay off, lead, turn up, return, defend, manhandle, own, feel, patronize, erect, tote, blossom, presume, despise, labor, bat, fend, buckle under, adult, correspond, accept, switch off, big game, cause, push, over, allow, arachnid, acquit, have, inhabit, angora, splay, clear, borrow, yield, check, hold out, lodge, get, give birth, take hold, tend, behave, show, someone can't stand someone/something, have a bun in the oven, maintain, can, reside, bear/stand comparison (with), tolerate, seem, stick out, grant, match, griper, be, stop, rag doll, shore up, hate, bondholder, beast, relevant, stand, eject, antenatal, confine, come up, shoulder, give up to, fall apart, plunk for, dolly, curb, adopt, digest, brave, give way, grouser, admit, deliver, extradite, put on, let yourself go, anticipate, take the bad with the good, killer, arise, overflow, demean, go, concur, murmurer, produce, control, sojourn, give up, gestate, turn back, bloom, sway, set out, fusser, doll, persuade, exhibit, bear market, pay up, wait, call, tingle, chuck out, hold back, guard, walk away with, declare, budge, raise, animal, arrogate, boot out, save, soften, resist, burn, hurt, shunt, back, prop up, brace, do, throw, break, approximate, coincide, stimulate, deal, cub, schlep, hold up, have a bearing on, turn out, display, put up, post, back up, fork up, get into, crosspatch, swallow, extend, fag out, detest, agree, accord with, pertain, break someone's fall, ease up, go for, deem, approach, arrest, badger, endure, redeem, dribble, ask, christen, uprise, suffer, patronage, generate, dislike, guide, drive home, tin, absorb, appertain, sourpuss, answer to, strike out, present, consume, abide, rate, golliwog, wear out, bind, outwear, take for granted, take for, keep back, headache, take on, subscribe, biped, ingest, relate, keep, brook, prove, turn off, make, wear upon, bust, afford, lug, repeat, take over, get up, wear thin, take, nourish, conceptualize, stay, stand out, remain firm, fatigue, job, call after, affirm, assoil, bearish, dwell, harbour, baby shower, fade, don, hold, relent, survive, rescue, grouch, anti-choice, amniotic fluid, contribute, harbor, stand up, roll, have something in common (with something), relieve, pitch, jut out, press, climb, weather, exonerate, exile, grumbler, make up, contain, accompanied, look, succumb, rear, crab, entertain, bid, moderate, apply, bellyacher, conceive, take the rough with the smooth, baptize, view as, confront, put forward, domiciliate, expect, book, anteater, complainer, pack, turf out, die hard, feign, oblige, parallel.

Usage examples: