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Definition of beaten:

  1. Become common or trite; as, a beaten phrase.
  2. Exhausted; tired out.
  3. Made smooth by beating or treading; worn by use.
  4. of Beat
  5. Tried; practiced.
  6. Vanquished; conquered; baffled.


tapped out, done, tuckered, creamy, wiped out, bushed, overthrown, routed, exhausted, aweary, metallurgical, hit, mixed, worn-out, overcome, all in, ill-treated, knackered, spent, conquered, defeated, battered, hurt, dead, mistreated, logy, abused, overwhelmed, pooped, wearied, worn, burnished, familiar, washed-out, prostrate, stamped, fatigued, maltreated, vanquished, foamy, played out, burned-out, metallic, frothy, bleary, malleable, ductile, soft, drained, limp, white-hot, galvanized, tired, rolled, jaded.

Usage examples: