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Definition of bedlam:

  1. A place appropriated to the confinement and care of the insane; a madhouse.
  2. An insane person; a lunatic; a madman.
  3. Any place where uproar and confusion prevail.
  4. Belonging to, or fit for, a madhouse.


loco, bats, screwy, nuts, cracked, moonstruck, certifiable, unhinged, crazy, snake pit, funny farm, chaos, tumult, crazed, sanitarium, loony tunes, demented, mental, disturbance, psychotic, crackpot, non compos mentis, loony bin, noise, commotion, sanatorium, crackers, meshuga, bonkers, sanatarium, hellhole, balmy, daft, maniacal, unsound, nutty, nuthouse, deranged, uproar, funny house, batty, wacky, disorder, wacko, madhouse, wud, confusion, topsy-turvydom, cuckoo, barmy, cuckoo's nest, hubbub, mad, kooky, turmoil, nut house, booby hatch, cranky, crackbrained, the pits, hell on earth, hospital, brainsick, loony, lunatic, turbulence, topsy-turvyness, bughouse, daffy, psycho, haywire, gaga, pandemonium, scatty, fruity, clamor, unbalanced, crazy house.

Usage examples: