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Definition of beg:

  1. A title of honor in Turkey and in some other parts of the East; a bey.
  2. To ask alms or charity, especially to ask habitually by the wayside or from house to house; to live by asking alms.
  3. To ask earnestly for; to entreat or supplicate for; to beseech.
  4. To ask for as a charity, esp. to ask for habitually or from house to house.
  5. To ask to be appointed guardian for, or to ask to have a guardian appointed for.
  6. To make petition to; to entreat; as, to beg a person to grant a favor.
  7. To take for granted; to assume without proof.


dodge, turn to, crave, pink, retrieve, urge, cadge, enlist, call in a favor, exploit, call on, sue, reach out to, slaver, tip, rap, pray for, claim, solicit, bark, importune, requisition, chisel, tap, run to, sponge, conjure, howl, recruit, hedge, press, evade, tapdance, hook, ask, wag, come running, look to, pray, court, require, order, bug, want, romance, mooch, impetrate, knock, ask for, panhandle, give, implore, insist on something, endow, faithful, besiege, bum, snap, starve, bay, wiretap, bestow, concede, canvass, woo, touch, hit, demand, intercept.

Usage examples: