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Definition of beget:

  1. To get ( with child.)
  2. To procreate, as a father or sire; to generate; - commonly said of the father.
  3. To produce as an effect; to cause to exist.


bugger off, fuss, grow, parent, beat, receive, convey, come, get, bewilder, acquire, catch, stupefy, scram, fix, sustain, suffer, amaze, draw, perplex, go, set out, capture, father, gravel, render, commence, get down, incur, bring, let, pay back, have, overprotect, spawn, set about, pose, arrest, puzzle, aim, fetch, originate, give, stimulate, sire, find, pay off, dumbfound, nonplus, stick, kin, yield, baffle, start, cause, begin, flummox, bring forth, develop, engender, generate, obtain, experience, mother, return, induce, vex, make, create, buzz off, get under one's skin, hatch, arrive, drive, contract, start out, become, take, mystify, produce.

Usage examples: