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Definition of belie:

  1. To fill with lies.
  2. To give a false representation or account of.
  3. To mimic; to counterfeit.
  4. To show to be false; to convict of, or charge with, falsehood.
  5. To tell lie about; to calumniate; to slander.


screen, neutralize, blot out, veil, wangle, obscure, mask, misrepresent, distort, ring hollow, shoot down, contradict, cook, conceal, true, warp, wrench, neutralise, negate, deflate, occult, disabuse, disconfirm, color, add up, affirm, paper over, explode, manipulate, falsify, curtain, gainsay, mislead, discredit, confound, load, fake, controvert, cloak, dispute, enshroud, repudiate, wrest, twist, shroud, suppress, pervert, fudge, debunk, cover, blanket, have a hollow ring, disguise, nullify, misstate, lie, deflate.

Usage examples: