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Definition of bellow:

  1. A loud resounding outcry or noise, as of an enraged bull; a roar.
  2. To bowl; to vociferate; to clamor.
  3. To emit with a loud voice; to shout; - used with out.
  4. To make a hollow, loud noise, as an enraged bull.
  5. To roar; as the sea in a tempest, or as the wind when violent; to make a loud, hollow, continued sound.


yell, sound off, wail, vociferate, catcall, Saul Bellow, Bronx cheer, thunder, holler, bawl, hollering, buzz, hiss, clap, applause, yawl, holloa, shriek, sounds, cry out, bellowing, rage, hollow, bluster, roaring, hollo, yaup, ejaculate, exclaim, roar, shout, boom, whoop, scream, baa, brrr, boo, chant, holla, call out, croak, yawp, halloo, clamor, yowl.

Usage examples: