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Definition of beneath:

  1. Below, as opposed to heaven, or to any superior region or position; as, in earth beneath.
  2. In a lower place; underneath.
  3. Lower in place, with something directly over or on; under; underneath; hence, at the foot of.
  4. Lower in rank, dignity, or excellence than; as, brutes are beneath man; man is beneath angels in the scale of beings. Hence: Unworthy of; unbecoming.
  5. Under, in relation to something that is superior, or that oppresses or burdens.


subterranean, underlying, down the stairs, underwater, lower, thinly, class-conscious, bourgeois, on a lower floor, classless, underfoot, classism, inferior, lesser, encrusted, clothed, the bourgeoisie, background, unsuitable, unbefitting, class, downstairs, thickly, infra, below, at a lower place, crusted, subordinate, caked, birth, beginnings, underground, to a lower place, be tipped with something.

Usage examples: