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Definition of benighted:

  1. of Benight


morose, disconsolate, nonliterate, simple-minded, saturnine, dark-skinned, untaught, dark, dour, black, empty-headed, thick, stupid, sinister, unschooled, analphabetic, unlearned, dreary, moody, sullen, uneducated, sour, unintelligent, dingy, unread, glowering, sorry, untutored, grim, rude, simple, unenlightened, uninstructed, obscure, illiterate, silly, drab, unlettered, nighted, slow, glum, coloured, brainless, slow-witted, blue, backward, ignorant, primitive, dismal, gloomy, idiotic, unpunctual, non-white, knowledge, drear.

Usage examples: