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Definition of besiege:

  1. To beset or surround with armed forces, for the purpose of compelling to surrender; to lay siege to; to beleaguer; to beset.


fudge, invade, palisade, attack, set upon, dodge, evade, hem, parry, skirt, assail, invest, importune, close in, plague, hound, charge, open, beat, combat, border, envelop, bug, enclose, hedge, fence in, duck, ring, overreach, surround, harass, put off, elude, wall, hem in, blockade, assault, environ, close in on, siege, circumvent, badger, outsmart, pester, fence, solicit, beleaguer, smother, harry, bedevil, fall upon, encounter, sidestep, outwit, storm, beset, outfox, tease.

Usage examples: