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Definition of bestial:

  1. A domestic animal; also collectively, cattle; as, other kinds of bestial.
  2. Belonging to a beast, or to the class of beasts.
  3. Having the qualities of a beast; brutal; below the dignity of reason or humanity; irrational; carnal; beastly; sensual.


perversion, beastly, insensible, fell, uncharitable, unkind, evil, lascivious, stolid, sadomasochism, hateful, kind, brute, sensual, masochism, vicious, sottish, sexual abuse, wolfish, fetishism, brutish, feral, imbruted, sadism, subhuman, stupid, unspiritual, pedophilia, hard, ignorant, monstrous, fierce, incest, bondage, bestiality, inhumane, awful, depraved, animal, vile, base, swinish, pitiless, truculent, ferine, unintellectual.

Usage examples: