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Definition of bet:

  1. An early form of Better.
  2. imp. & p. p. of Beat.
  3. of Bet
  4. That which is laid, staked, or pledged, as between two parties, upon the event of a contest or any contingent issue; the act of giving such a pledge; a wager.
  5. To stake or pledge upon the event of a contingent issue; to wager.


meet, roleplay, consider, diddle, seem, forecast, view, recreate, regard, play, act, ante, piece of the action, guess, lottery, count, take on, flirt, run, work out, raffle, game of chance, search, figure, compute, see, tossup, stake, face, imagine, cypher, look, trifle, toy, number, work, expect, flier, betting, calculate, act as, dally, reckon, speculation, suppose, wager, uncertainty, wait, numerate, post, blind bargain, random shot, count on, bring, make for, stakes, depend, fiddle, enumerate, await, account, playact, direct, gambling, odds, pot, take care, fortune, cipher, shot in the dark, roll of the dice, weigh, pig in a poke, plunge, estimate, matter, represent, crapshoot, attend, opine, appear, speculation, front, pot, ante, wreak, encounter, spiel, lot, long shot, think, interest, aim.

Usage examples: