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Definition of betoken:

  1. To foreshow by present signs; to indicate something future by that which is seen or known; as, a dark cloud often betokens a storm.
  2. To signify by some visible object; to show by signs or tokens.


level, presage, call, signify, quest, channelize, calculate, estimate, count on, steer, charge, forebode, show, reckon, divine, head, taper, maneuver, point to, prognosticate, aim, bespeak, identify, manoeuvre, foretell, prophesy, forecast, sign, place, signalise, represent, luff, channelise, anticipate, portend, signalize, call for, augur, auspicate, request, harbinger, manoeuver, tell, orient, suggest, herald, stand for, proclaim, betray, figure, promise, argue, predict, repoint, bode, mean, announce, target, prefigure, sharpen, direct, foreshadow, annunciate, omen.

Usage examples: